Life, Liberty, Happiness

Develop a Business Bill of Rights to never lock down again!
Focus on eliminating wasteful spending and lowering residents' tax bills while supporting a zero based budget.
Increase transparency and make Ethics and Integrity a priority in Montgomery County Government.
Strategic infrastructure planning for road and flood management related to expected future growth.
Protect the personal liberties of citizens from Government overreach, while keeping Montgomery County a safe and friendly place for families.
Provide opportunities for better employment through lower taxation.

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Vision & Mission

As your County Judge, my commitments to this community are to find ways to do more with less as our community grows, refuse to raise taxes and insure we do not lockdown our county. I will serve this community as a conservative Republican voice on the County Commissioner's court. My focus will be on lowering property tax bills, limiting the size of government, increasing transparency, a county wide mobility plan, and zero based budgeting. I look forward to earning your trust and your vote.

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